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Welcome you to our wonderful city – A place of endless opportunities for residents and business. The City of Rincon has the blessings of a diverse council who work well together to improve the quality of life of its residents, and as a result, the City of Rincon was selected as the #1 best city in all of Georgia for young families and ranked 10th in all of Georgia for happy residents.

Rincon translates to “corner” in Spanish, and our little corner of Georgia is truly special as it is one of the happiest cities in Georgia. “Homes cost a little more than 20% of overall median household income here, and the median household income is pretty high–more than 60K. Considering that we do not have a City property tax, the lowest water rates compared to surrounding counties, excellent police and fire coverage, the most excellent school system, and multiple recreation opportunities, there are many reasons to be happy in Rincon!