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Showing Tips

Each property has just one chance to make a great impression with a potential buyer. Keep up with cleaning and tidiness every day to ensure that the property is ready to be shown to potential buyers, even on short notice. In other words, keep the property in “Show Time” condition, so that it’s always ready…

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Pricing your Home

Pricing your home to sell Professional appraisers sum up their entire body of knowledge in three words – “Buyers Make Value.” Pricing As your real estate agent, I can give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms, and condition of competing properti. When listing your property for…

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Buying a Keys Home

Information unique to buying a home in the Florida Keys” As you may be aware, the environment that makes the Keys so attractive to thousands of people is a fragile environment the requires considerable attention to protect its health and beauty. This fact has created a requirement for close management of all activities that have…

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Homestead Exemption

New 2008 property tax Reforms: In a January 2008 ballot measure, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment that introduced several changes to our state’s property tax system. The four changes may affect the amount of tax you owe: Increased Homestead Exemption: If you’re currently receiving a $25,000 homestead exemption on your property taxes, you will…

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Home Inspection

Siding: Look for dents or buckling Foundations: Look for cracks or water seepage Exterior Brick: Look for cracked bricks or mortar pulling away from bricks Insulation: Look for condition, adequate rating for climate (the higher the R value, the more effective the insulation is) Doors and Windows: Look for loose or tight fits, condition of…

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